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Social Enterprises / Not-for-profits / Indigenous Program Selection Criteria:

The Finders Keepers is dedicated to nurturing and growing the support for Indigenous makers in Australia. We aim to provide visitors with a diverse range of creative work. Over the past 12 years, we’ve built a strong reputation in the art and design community as a key platform for emerging business owners to gain exposure and develop a brand presence in a competitive marketplace. In 2018, we launched a new Finders Keepers Indigenous Program at our market events, and we are pleased to continue to add support to First Nation makers, social enterprises and not-for-profits.

Selection Criteria:

What we’re looking for within applications:

First Nations / Indigenous makers:

  • Recipients can be individual Indigenous makers, and/or an Art Centre or organisation that promotes and sells the work of Indigenous artists and makers.
  • Indigenous, First Nations owned and run, artists and centres only.
  • Creative and original work that highlights independent designs, or products of a handmade nature;
  • Work that uses traditional process and materials;
  • Innovative and original work; contemporary design products and items that fit in with the overall vision of the Finders Keepers; items suitable for the retail market space, e.g. fashion, design and craft objects.
  • Artists/designers that are at the beginning of their commercial career are encouraged to apply. Those in remote areas without the support of design, development and guidance of this nature are encouraged to apply.

Social Enterprises and not-for-profits:

  • The Finders Keepers aims to be an inclusive and diverse community that supports the work of social enterprises and not-for-profits that do good work in Australia.
  • You will be asked to provide supporting certifications and details around the work you do, the organisations and causes you support and the impact you have within Australia.
  • The products you aim to sell must also fit within the ethos, values and standards of The Finders Keepers' design community.

In addition, you must demonstrate and/or supply:

  • Information about your products; including how products are made, where they are made, as well as clear, consistent imagery that complements your work;
  • Images of your products in production, or your workspace if made by hand (whatever is most relevant);
  • Website address and social media handles - we may also view these platforms as part of the process to determine the suitability of your brand/business for the marketplace;

What the Finders Keepers offers:

  • A sponsored subscription rate of $1 to sign-up for 12 months!
  • A half-price commission fee on all orders.
  • No transaction fees on Shipping
  • Standard merchant fees charged on all sales.
  • Additional marketing to support your store.
  • Exposure to our engaged audience that are looking to support and shop Indigenous makers.

Partners and Supporters

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